4 Types of Art We Offer at Immortal Grafix

4 Types of Art We Offer at Immortal Grafix

Welcome to Immortal Grafix, where creativity and quality merge to bring you a remarkable selection of artistic prints. In this blog, we will explore the different types of art materials we offer, including acrylic prints, canvas prints, posters, and wood prints. Each material has its unique qualities that will transform your space and captivate your imagination.

Acrylic print of a close up  flower in many colors

Acrylic Print

At Immortal Grafix, we pride ourselves on our stunning acrylic print wall art. These modern and vibrant pieces are made by directly printing your chosen artwork onto a high-quality acrylic panel. The result is a glossy, vibrant, and durable piece that will enhance any room or office space.

Canvas Print

Our canvas prints offer a classic and timeless feel, perfect for any art lover. Using state-of-the-art printing technology, we transfer your selected artwork onto premium canvas material. The texture of the canvas adds depth and richness to the image, creating a truly immersive experience. They can be either slim or thick for framing and aesthetic purposes.


For those seeking an affordable yet impactful option, our wall poster art prints are an excellent choice. Printed on high-quality paper, these posters showcase your favorite artwork in a bold and eye-catching manner. Ideal for dorm rooms, galleries, and temporary displays, our posters are a versatile way to decorate any space. We offer posters on matte paper and can be purchased with a metal frame, a wooden frame, or a hanging wire for ease of installation.

Wood Print

For a rustic and nature-inspired aesthetic, our wood prints are the ideal option. We print your chosen artwork directly onto sustainably sourced wood panels, preserving the natural grain and beauty of the material. This creates a truly unique and organic piece that will bring warmth and character to any setting.

At Immortal Grafix, we offer a diverse range of art materials to suit every preference and style. Browse our online art store today, and let us help you find the perfect art piece to transform your living or working environment. Browse our amazing collection of art!